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Explanation Unnecessary

There would be a slogan, but I guess the explanation is unnecessary...

Chapter 1 - Me, Myself, and I

Smiffy was having a peaceful day until Moses decided to pay him a visit again. And again. And again. And again.

Chapter 2 - Trouble in New BeanBean

Kids start going missing in New BeanBean. Our gang ain't no detectives, but its hard to stay out of things when things come to you.

Chapter 3 - The Loco Cocoa Incident

Fakey decides to sell Moses' experimental chocolate without his permission. What could go wrong?

Chapter 4 - The Dimensional Smugglers

The gang finally gets a moments peace from city problems. Doesn't mean multiversal problems are exempt.

Chapter 5 - Elemental Breakdown

New BeanBean, a city built for refuge, for equality, for respect among others. Someone tries to change the status quo to a more divided outlook.

Chapter 6 - Election Unnecessary

Its election season, and Mayor Jerry doesn't have the city on his side. What can he do to even the odds? Meanwhile, Smiffy's on the run, and takes a trip down memory lane.